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Sep 15, 2012 10:00am EDT
, to create air force base in many places around the united states were drone pilots everything being trained for drones are being tested or piloted. so this is a new kind of warfare, where you don't even have to be in the area of the battle. you can be thousands and thousands of miles away thinking that the battlefield to a video screen. in fact, the manufacturers admit that the screens are really -- design is taken taken from the video games that teenagers have grown up playing and it's easier for them when they are recruited and become drone pilot. they are used to using these kinds of playstation. enjoy. in fact, the u.n. has u.s. has created a playstation mentality through war. it is a very surreal thing to think about pilot been in an air force base in the united states over the drones are being run by the cia they are, they can be outside of virginia and they are in an air-conditioned room. they are sitting in an ergonomic chair and they are looking for hours and hours on end at a scene in a place that they may never have been to. don't sleep the language, don't know the closer. and th
Sep 9, 2012 3:15pm EDT
for a second term as president of the united states. [applause] >> find in the speech from both the democratic and republican conventions on line at the c-span video library. book tv coverage from the 2012 rose above reading festival continues. mary stuck the talks about her book, the finding americans, the presidency in national identity. >> now i have to try to be engaging. i think the most important thing to understand about the presidency in this context is that we always have choices. when you pick a president you are absolutely picking a particular kind of policy, but you're also picking a definition of our national identity -- identity. if you hear president and you like what they're saying to make you feel yourself call to the presidency than they are speaking to you about a sense of the national self that is deeply imbedded in all of us, and every time there's a presidential alexian will one of our previous presidents learned to his sorrow has the vision thing is really an important part of what the presidency does because we see ourselves as a nation through the ways that presidents
Sep 30, 2012 3:45pm EDT
reach its foreign policy goals while under the wing of the united states which he says count always have israel's -- doesn't always have israel's best interests at heart. this is just under an hour. [applause] >> shalom, good evening, everybody. it is my pleasure to be here with you, especially when you have such great weather in washington. almost like jerusalem at this time of the year. i am very happy to see so many people coming and showing an interest in my book, and i would like in the next 20 minutes to share with you not what you're going to read in the book, but what's behind the ideas. but first i want to think we all can agree that's what's happening in israel is important to the people who live in the united states of america. why? because we share the same values, the same principles, the same heritage and the same enemies. and because we are in the middle east today being attacked, so you have to ask yourself why those people are against the jewish nation in the middle east. the arab against israel not because of the land that we so-called occupied. we are being attacked be
Sep 16, 2012 12:30am EDT
strikes against the united states. .. >> now you've got in close proximity, hundreds of miles away in some cases, with supersonic jets, in bases that may be vulnerable, small countries where even a small number of nuclear weapons can obliterate them. there was no hard line in 1962, that was bad enough, but when the soviets wanted to send a message to moscow, they gave it to western union and hoped the kid didn't stop to see his girlfriend on the way to the office. [laughter] it was very much a catcher's catch can, and if you have four or five people with nuclear weapons, all worried, no mar gyp for error, it's scary to say the least. ultimately, the only resolution is to stop iran from getting nuclear weapons, and a rev -- revolutionary state does not honor, and you need regime change brought about from within, get positive regime change, but the lesson out of this,ed broader lesson is revolutionary power, you can't negotiate away revolutionary power position. you have to defeat them. in 1962, though, we saw the consequence of miscalculation, and you can easily have one here so that war ma
Sep 23, 2012 9:00am EDT
announcing in the quietest most resurgent way possible that i'm grateful to live in the united states of america. that's all. gratitude for the sacrifices of my forebears. gratitude for the opportunity this country a force. gratitude for the men and women who served to fight in the military probably. gratitude for being a part of this amazing, ennobling experience representative democracy. blood, liberals hate the americans event is just okay. not good, not great. serving unexceptional. just okay. conservative women, mouthy ladies. to see some truly a lover i want, in your next conversation with a liberal, i was thinking about something sarah palin said the other day. stanback. led to the huffing and puffing and sighing and moaning begin to get as much as you finish the set by the way. you could say sarah palin likes chocolate ice cream or sarah palin thanks panda bears are cuddly. the result is going to be a kind of deranged automatic rejection of anything sarah palin says or thinks. try with ann coulter. same reaction. actually try with any well-known female who is unapologetically
Sep 8, 2012 12:00pm EDT
%. the united states ranks number ten in terms of industrialized nations in college completion. now, with more students being poor and with higher education as well as high school students not being prepared, how does that impact us, and why is the dropout rate so high? is it because we aren't really making school rigorous enough? are we not challenging students? or maybe we're not making it relevant to their real world experiences. or listen to this, just maybe, just maybe we're underestimating the value of relationships. now, when you ask secondary teachers what the problem is, what do you think they'll say? >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> okay, it is money. but they're going to blame -- >> they usually blame the parents for the environment the child comes from. >> they're going to blame early childhood and elementary. that's what we do in education. how many educators are in the room? okay. we blame early childhood and elementary educators. now, think about this. 46.2 million people are classified as poor. 52% of adults 18 and over aren't married. all right? early childhood, elementary. who do
Sep 8, 2012 5:00pm EDT
amount of people looking at the total united states, but the amount of power and the amount of influence that they project into politics is just astoppedding, and they do it -- astounding, and they do it all behind closed doors. we go into that in great detail in the book where we got information from the freedom of information act from secret meetings that went on. the other thing about union heads that people don't realize is they are truly the 1%. they talk about -- unions talk about the 1% and occupy wall street, but the guys are making huge amounts of money. huge ams. the secretary treasure makes $845,000. many employees make over $# -- $200,000. it is astounding, truly the 1% spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on private planes, ready access to the white house. they are invited to the best events at the white house. these are not little guys that work their way up. i mean these are truely the 1 #% that they talk bo their members about. >> [inaudible] >> the boilermaker union, a private sector, if you use their logo on an article as i did, we get something from their law firm
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7